Yorkgate Rail Station Redevelopment

Proposed landscaping concept

The Site

Yorkgate station is located between York Road and the M2, to the north of Belfast city centre. The site is bordered by Whitla Street to the north, the M2 to the east, York Road to the west and Dock Street to the south. Yorkgate Station connects to the main traffic network through the A2 arterial route.

The York Road is one of the arterial routes into the City Centre along which are located various significant sites of public interest, such as City Side Shopping Centre – a major retail outlet –the Ulster University Campus, which is currently under a significant expansion redevelopment and nearing completion, and close to other major areas of employment and adjacent to local communities.

The development of the Ulster University Campus will see a significant increase in the number of students and staff attending on a daily basis as will the ongoing development of City Quays and surrounding areas

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Current Yorkgate Station

Current Yorkgate Station

Aerial view of the proposed redevelopment

Aerial view of the proposed redevelopment

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